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Who, What, Where and Baby Yoda

Look Lionel! It’s a crochet blog! Happy now?

IMG_9700I’m a sucker for hobbies. I’d venture to say I’ve tried the majority of them, at least in the arts and crafts world, at least once. And usually only once. I have quite the collection of cake decorating tools, loom knitting paraphernalia  and a sewing machine I don’t even know how to get out of the box, much less operate.  I dabbled in glass painting- kind of liked that, until everything I shipped from Colorado (where we live now) to the Carolinas (where I kind of wish we still lived) for Christmas shattered. I’m an average amateur photographer, but that mostly stems from my intensely cheap frugal nature and refusal to pay the mall picture people.

But what’s any of that have to do with a crochet blog?

I decided to teach myself to crochet in January 2013  for two reasons: A) It’s cold in Colorado in January, and there wasn’t much to do with a 4 month old besides stay home and watch Criminal Minds marathons, and B) Beard Hats. Actually, beard hats were the main reason. I love them. While no longer trendy, they still crack me up. After Granna (aka: my mom, though I’ve realized once you have a kid, the identities of everyone, including you, change dramatically) made a valiant but highly unsuccessful attempt to teach me to crochet, I bit the bullet and sat down with some ugly orange yarn, a K hook, and YouTube, vowing to sit in that chair until I figured it out.  Lord bless the Crochet Geek channel. It’s taught me the majority of everything I know.

I’m not sure how long it took, but this was the end result of that first night:


I was so proud. Actually, I do know how long…about six hours. It’s a good thing Moose was still waking up at fairly regular intervals. Oh, Moose is the kid. You’ll probably see a lot of her.

At that point I was completely hooked, pun absolutely intended. I immediately went to Pinterest and started pinning every pattern I could find. Reality set in a couple of days later when I realized I had no clue what I was doing. This would be the usual point I’d give up…but then I thought of the beard hat…
(insert picture of beard hat here when I find it)

Fast forward 4 months. Moose is 8 months old tomorrow. My crochet has improved quite a bit in a relatively short amount of time. I discovered that the patterns on Etsy are worth it (like those from Mamachee. They’re fantastic, and where the ears on this hat are from). And my husband (hence forth known as Smee) is a nerd…which will get you this; the “official” picture for the grandparent wall, complete with obscene light saber:


It would behoove me to remember she’ll pick my nursing home one day…

And so, at Lionel’s urging, I present to you Coffee, Crochet, and Crap-a documentary of my crochet journey, which is sure to include a multitude of failures, the fleeting moment of brilliance  and probably and occasional political rant or two.