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It’s Duck Dynasty Inspired, Jack!

I guess we’re on a beard kick. Once I posted the Leif Erikson hat, I had a request for a Duck Dynasty type beard beanie for a Halloween. I told the buyer it’d take about a week, but I was so excited to try it that I went out and found the camo yarn, then made it yesterday! 

Please forgive the sad, sad look in Moose’s eyes. She wasn’t as angry as she looks. She just cut her right eye tooth yesterday, so she wasn’t feeling like her usually cheerful self.

ImageIf you haven’t seen Duck Dynasty, take a half hour and catch it on Wednesday nights on A&E. I think you can also see full episodes on their website!

It’s Giveaway Time!

We’re well on our way in the (American) football season. What better way to show your team spirit than with a FREE Team Colors football beanie? Click here to see the prize (your choice of colors!), like and comment with your favorite team for a chance to win!

NFL, NCAA, High School, Pop Warner, even FIFA (we’re not particular about what kind of football!)! Show your team some love! And show Carolina Colorado Crochet some love with a LIKE while you’re there!

Happy Leif Erikson Day Eve!

Tomorrow marks an obscure American holiday that is more than likely only celebrated by me. October 9th is Leif Erikson Day. In honor of my second favorite holiday (the first being Groundhog Day), and by request of a friend for her little guy’s first Halloween, I proudly present the Leif Erikson hat….


This is a combination of the Lael Viking Hat pattern from Mamachee (my biggest crochet crush) on Etsy, and a fantastically FREE PATTERN for the beard from Im Topsy Turvy. 

What I’ve Been Working On Lately….

I can’t decide whether I completely stink at this blogging business, or if having an on-the-move 9 month old and more crochet orders than I can shake sticks at  just makes it hard to keep up with. Add to that the big move, and it’s just become nearly impossibly to sit down and write for any length of time.

I’ve been working on several different things. The sales business has taken off, though not really via Etsy. I made two Etsy sales (one to someone I know) before I put the store on vacation until we get to Texas. Everything else has come from word of mouth to friends and friends of friends.

This Cowboys inspired hat was actually one of a set of three for a dear friend’s grandsons. It was the first time I’d made multiples of the same item, which I’ll admit got a bit boring. I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn, and have decided that it’s worth the small price difference as opposed to Red Heart SuperSaver. It’s so much softer. Next time I’ll find a lighter color for the football.

I do NOT pull for the Cowboys. However, if they're making me money, I'm ok with them.

I do NOT pull for the Cowboys. However, if they’re making me money, I’m ok with them.

I’ve also been working on modifying a couple of different patterns for a summer shell stitch beanie. This one works up very quickly. For this, I used Peaches and Cream cotton. I think pure cotton yarns are my favorite to work with. To me, the final stitches are so much cleaner than with acrylic.


She really does smile all the time.


I’ve also started on what I’m calling a scrapghan. Since we’re moving, I’m trying to reduce the yarn supply a bit, so I decided on a granny rectangle afghan using scraps of what I have laying around. I have a love/hate relationship with traditional granny afghans. When Moose was born my mom gave me three or four that people had made for me back in the early 80s, and I thought they were hideous. I’ve figured out that the blankets themselves were bad, just the abominable color schemes of 1981. Not that my current color selections are any better, but because it’s a scrapghan, it isn’t really following a palette.


It’s bound to match something in the house

I also didn’t know that these kinds of blankets are in a revival of sorts. I’ve had a couple of people ask about blankets or afghans. I’ll send them pictures of different patterns, and every single one has asked for this kind instead. Apparently folks in the South view them as heirloom type things. I’d love to make a turquoise/coral/white one for our guest bedroom.

And finally, there’s the Texas hat. In order to make it, I had to crochet both sides separately, then sew them together. This left a gap in the front that I’ve got to figure out how to correct next time, but other than that I’m pretty pleased with it. Too bad Moose will probably never need it in Austin…

What have you been working on lately?

Gimme yer Booty!

Thank goodness she isn’t old enough to laugh at the word booty yet. I laughed enough for both of us.

Finished the hat portion of the Pirate Princess get up this afternoon:


It’s pretty safe to say Moose likes it.




If I decided to sell or gift one of these, there are a couple of tweaks I’d consider. I”m not sure I’d sew the patch on again. I like the idea of a sewn on patch for small kids that wouldn’t keep it on, but it definitely messes with the shape and stretch of the hat. I’d also do at least a SC for the strap rather than just a chain, and at least a HDC if it was separate.

On to the tutu!

Of Patches, both Pirate and Cabbage

I had all good intentions of writing an intelligent, thoughtful post, but as you well know, life gets in the way. There was swimming to do, cauliflower pizza to be cooked, Skyping with the parents back East to be had…and then Lionel started behaving in such a fashion that I questioned whether or not he was about to jump off a bridge, but it turns out it was just the wine talking….but I digress.

I kept seeing these cute Cabbage Patch hats on Etsy and decided to try it out. Honestly, Cabbage Patch dolls creep me out, but poor Moose has no hair, and it looked pretty simple, so it at least made for a cute joke.


I’m thinking that fringe all the way around and no pigtails would make a great scarecrow type hat this fall. 

I also saw a crochet red and white striped pirate bandana style beanie in a little shop in Evergreen, with a price tag of $20…for a 0-3 size hat…no thanks. I started working on a Moose size one (well, Moose in fall size) today. I’d hoped to have a couple of progress pictures, but it’s 11 pm and there are still dishes to wash. Next post, definitely, along with my ideas for a Pirate Princess outfit, and thoughts on selling on Etsy.