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Not enough hours in the day…

I know I promised to get better at the blogging frequency thing, but cold weather FINALLY came to Texas. Yes, by cold, I mean we’ve had days in the 60s. We take what we can get. Elsewhere in the world it’s starting to feel like actual winter. Combine that with the holiday season and suddenly the lid has blown off my little fiber arts operation. No, I’ve most definitely not become the next Twinkie Chan, but I’m at the very least breaking even for the year, which was my main goal for 2013, what with being a new start and all.

I’ve also been sewing more than I was, as Moose is growing straight up, which is making everything she owns too short. Because of that, I’ve been trying to repurpose some of her stuff, more out of principle than financial necessity.

So what have I been crafting lately?

Crafty Round-Up

I love boutique style kid’s clothes. It’s the Southerner in me. But I choke at the thought of paying $45 for a peasant dress (not saying that’s too much for a well-made piece if you don’t sew. But if you do, it’s too much). Mark my words, though- chevron will be the sofa floral of our generation. Kids will look back in 20 years and say “Gah! WHY would you put me in that?”


The next is one of my upcycle projects. I took a too short tshirt and attempted to add a bubble skirt. It doesn’t bubble quite right, but she wore it to church Sunday and folks thought it was cute.


When the first cold snap hit, I realized I hadn’t made this poor kid a hat since we lived in Colorado. Since she still doesn’t have hair, I threw this one together during nap time one morning.


This…I have no idea what this is, to be honest. Maybe I was channeling my inner Amish or something. I just got a wild hair to make a bonnet. Once I put it with the pillow case dress (which is from an actual pillow case), I got a great idea for a Halloween costume next year- Emily Binx from Hocus Pocus!


The rest are the crochet projects I’ve been elbows deep in, all of which I’ve already sold. Hookin’ is my business, and business is good, haha








And with that, I hear the Moose. Nap time’s over. Back to the Mommy business 🙂