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Broncos and Tigers are the Same, Right?

So I scraped the scrapghan. I have no qualms with being honest- it was ugly. I tried to embrace the granny concept, I really did. I just couldn’t get on board with it. Instead, I told myself I was dropping everything else and working on a coral, turquoise and white chevron  throw. I even talked Smee into letting me buy a new duvet cover if I finish it. I need 75 rows. So far I’ve finished 25. I’m hoping to get it finished before the move (in 20 days, eek!) so that I can have a new look to the bedroom in Austin.  Unfortunately, as you’ve probably figured out about me by now, I can’t stay with one project for long without starting something else.

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at a free pattern I’d pinned a while back from Playin’ Hooky Designs. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll admit I hated it until the very last row. Not because it’s a difficult pattern (although it isn’t one you can do while watching tv. There’s a lot of counting involved), but because it just didn’t feel right. After the last row, though, all of the sudden you look at it and think “Dang, this is cool!” I thought they’d make a nifty fan-type beanie for different sports teams. Seeing as how we live in Denver right now, I thought I’d try Broncos colors…


Unfortunately, the dark blue and orange kind of look like tiger stripes. I did have a few people point out that if I changed the blue to purple, these would make fantastic Clemson fan hats. Considering the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!) is responsible for the roof over my head and the groceries in my fridge, I’d have to make them while hiding in a cave deep in the woods. Blasphemy, I tell you.


One day I will be a hipster. And instead of Macklemore, I will be Mackleroni.



All in all, I think Moose really could care less about the whole situation:

When I was in the first grade I had to memorize two things: the Preamble to the Constitution, and the first stanza and chorus of William Gaston and E.E. Randolph’s “The Good Old North State.” We sang this every Friday in a school wide assembly. There’s a long story about my life in elementary school, but that’s for another time.

“We the people” is about as far as I can remember of the Preamble, but I remember every word of TGONS. It didn’t make a lot of sense as a kid. It still doesn’t make a lot of sense as someone that has a kid. At any rate, for some reason I thought about the song a few days ago, and that got me thinking about Sheldon Cooper’s Fun With Flags…not really, just flags.

Ironically, what came of it was not the NC flag, but rather the SC one. Since that’s where Smee grew up, graduated from college, and where we first lived when we were married, when people ask where we’re from, we usually say there. Besides, for anyone that doesn’t live in one of the Carolinas, they’re both the same thing, anyway (for the record, they aren’t. At All.).

This hat took some tinkering, but I’m incredibly proud of it. It’s the first thing I’ve made that didn’t come from a pattern:


Oh, and this is Matilda. It’s her first modeling debut. Lovely, isn’t she?

It’s the palmetto and crescent moon of the SC state flag. Smee got a huge kick out of it and wants one for himself. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down how I made the palmetto.

After I finish the looooooooooooong list of projects for other people I now have (apparently one or two sales on Etsy will build your street cred immensely), I’m planning on Colorado version of this. Thank goodness we’ve been in states that have simple flags.

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Pirate’s Progress



Or is it Pirates’ Progress? Since I’m only (for now) making this for one pirate, I guess we’ll go with the singular possessive.

I like pirates. Growing up in North Carolina, learning about pirates, for whatever reason, was part of the grade school curriculum. I knew more about Calico Jack and Blackbeard than any 9 year old should probably have been allowed to know. The remains of Queen Anne’s Revenge are actually housed at the NC Maritime Museum. Liking pirates is innate for the Tarheel State, I guess. So naturally I kind of fancy them in adulthood.

The idea for a Pirate Princess outfit for Moose came, as I mentioned before, from seeing an incredibly overpriced hat in one of my favorite stores (where, honestly, everything is probably overpriced) in Evergreen, CO. It was more or less that hat above, with an eyepatch sewn to it (which I’ll get around to doing today).  I’ve thought about combining the hat with a black diaper cover (recently downloaded this cover pattern from UnravelMe on Etsy) with a Jolly Roger on the bum. There are a couple of listings for that sort of thing, but not as many as say, bunny hats. I like the diaper cover sets on very small babies, but once you start getting to the sitting up stage, they look a bit silly. I’m also not a huge fan of shirtless photos past six months, especially for little girls. Probably too many episodes of Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU, but it just makes me a little uncomfortable. (Note: By that, I mean staged photos, not snapshot of kids running around) Add to that the fact that I have quite a bit of black and red tulle lying around- Smee is a University of South Carolina alum- and the Pirate Princess concept was born.

The hat is just your basic beanie, double crochet flavor. There are about a million different patterns out there, so just choose your favorite. I tend to use the ones from Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me, because I like how she spaces her increases. The bandana “ties” are a work in progress, though right now I’m basing them off ears from  Mamachee’s Dino, Monster and Alien Embellishment Package.

With all this Etsy talk, how do you feel about it? Do you sell items there? I, like I’m the sure the vast majority of you have, gotten constant comments about selling things I make. I stink at the selling part. I’d rather just give them to people. But being a stay-at-home mom, the extra cash certainly wouldn’t hurt. I think I’m more scared that nothing will sell than anything, although at $0.20 US per listing for four months, the worst I could be out for one listing is eighty cents a year. I probably have enough for four or five listings in the cup holder of my car. If the Pirate Princess comes out ok, I may try listing it, just to see what happens.

Any tips for an Etsy newbie?